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Basic Description

The IRB 140 six axes multipurpose industrial robot handles a payload of 6 kg with a reach of 810 mm (to axis 5) It can be floor mounted, inverted or wall mounted at any angle. The robust design with fully integrated cables adds to the overall flexibility and the collision detection function ensures the robot is reliable and safe.

The compact, robust design with integrated cabling adds to overall flexibility. The Collision Detection option, with full path retraction, ensures the robot is reliable and safe. 
When using the IRB 140T, cycle-times are considerably reduced where axis 1 and 2 predominantly are used. Reductions between 15-20% are possible using pure axis 1 and 2 movements. This faster version is well suited for packing applications and guided operations together with PickMaster. 
IRB 140 Foundry Plus 2 and Wash versions are suitable for operating in extreme foundry environments and other harsh environments with high requirements on corrosion resistance and tightness. In addition to the IP67 protection, excellent surface treatment makes the robot high pressure steam washable. Also available in white Clean Room ISO class 6 version, making it especially suited for environments with stringent cleanliness standards.

Main applications:

  • Arc welding
  • Assembly
  • Cleaning/spraying
  • Machine tending
  • Material handling
  • Packing
  • Deburring

 Reach of  5th axis (m) 0.8
Handling capacity (kg) 6
Supplementary load, - on upper arm (kg) 1
Supplementary load, - on wrist1 (kg) 0.5
Number of axes 6
Mounting Any angle
Integrated signal supply 12 signals on upper arm
Integrated air supply Max. 8 bar on upper arm

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