Fanuc M-710iB 45 en bon état de fonctionnement, manette R-J3iB et DeviceNet inclus


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Basic Description

The M-710iB 45 is a six-axis,modular construction, electric servo-driven family of robots designed for a variety of manufacturing and system processes. The innovative design of the M-710iB 45 provides an extremely large work envelope without requiring significant floor space. This specific item has been operated for only 33000 hours.

Engineered for high speed,application flexibility and reliability, the M-710iB 45 delivers repeatable precision and unparalleled performance.
  • Material handling
  • Machine load/unload
  • Parts transfer
  • Assembly
  • Water jet cutting
  • Die casting
  • Dispensing
  • Material removal
  • Palletizing

M-710iB Series, the Solution for:

  • Floor, invert, wall, shelf and angle mounting permits installation versatility when unusual work piece access is required.
  • Shared components between M-710iB/45 and its sister model M-710iB/70 reduce complexity and costs associated with service, spare parts and training.
  • Small footprint and slim profile facilitate placement in tight surroundings.
  • AC servo motors with high power-to-weight ratios provide an extremely fast composite speed.
  • Utilizes the new Alpha i servo motors making them more compact and energy efficient.
  • Compact body castings provide the smallest Joint 2 interference zone in the industry.
  • Wide axis ranges offer the largest horizontal strokes in this robot class.
  • Increased flexibility in cell design is realized due to the ability of J3 to flip over and work behind itself.


  • 6 axes of motion
  • 45 kg payload capacity
  • ±0.15 mm repeatability
  • 360° standard J1 rotation
  • Fail-safe brakes on all six axes increase safety, functionality and control.
  • Extremely rigid design allows precise positioning.

Reliability Features

  • Reliability Features
  • Sealed drives and bearings minimize maintenance requirements.
  • Grease fittings are available on all lubrication points for quick and easy maintenance.
  • Cables are routed through hollow RV reducers to minimize flexing.
  • All motors and associated cables can be enclosed to prevent snagging and damage from chips, sprays and other hazards.
  • Minimal backlash and a long service life are assured by the use of directly coupled drives on all axes instead of pulleys, chains and belts,which can stretch or break.
  • In-line wrist design minimizes complexity while increasing reliability.

Major Options
  • Air blow and motor fan options for increased duty cycle capability.
  • Severe dust and liquid protection package for die cast spray, waterjet cutting and other harsh environment applications.
  • Joint 1 and 2 axes motor cover
  • Adjustable hard stops for J1 every 15°

Additional Info

For further details and specifications, you may refer to the machine's PDF guide at the following link:

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